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We have now set-up a video advertising department at to assist marketers merchants and professionals in getting their messages to the public.

Our research has found that when video is present on your website the public responds on an average of 256% better to advertising materials.

Not just any video, but a cute or interactive video! It is not just good enough any longer to have a merchant or professional explaining the benefits to be gained by using the business or service. The onlookers want to be entertained in the process and that brings about greater click through results, views, sales and appointments.

As an example take a look at the video below to see the quality and sheer delight to be experienced when viewing a properly prepared video advertisement.


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Videos of this nature generally cost upwards of $495.00 (USD). However, for a very limited time we are offering you ownership of a Whiteboard Animation Video for a special low price seen below.

To see a demo of a finished sample video production such as one you will receive, just click this link.

 All Productions are Mobile Responsive

This means they will render on a website or a mobile device perfectly.

You get non-exclusive use of this video edited to your requirements. You supply the beginning screenshot of your business front or internal clinic image and your business details. We alter the beginning and end of the video to fit your requirements placing the video of your selection between the two ends.

Use on your website or any other medium you wish. You have complete rights to the finished product.

Our cost for this Whiteboard Animation Video presentation, including your screenshots is an unbelievable:

$49.95 (USD)

(further customization has an additional cost)

Send any queries to:

or you can contact us by

Skype: @lastdrifter.

If you prefer a real telephone communication we can be reached by landline phones at: 00359 87 787 1492.

Calling Using A Mobile Phone Click The Number Below:
Call (00359)87-787-1492

Calling Using A Skype Phone Click The Number Below:
Call (00359)87-787-1492

Or click the button below to reserve your order

Note: Only 25 will be sold in any U.S. City or if outside the U.S. in any territory or county. Order now! Don’t get left out!


Guaranteed 24 hour delivery via Internet Download or to your email account (weekends and holiday periods excepted.)

We deliver as follows:

1 – .MP4 formatted video file
1 – .SWF formatted video file
1 – .HTML controller file
1 – .HTML Player file
1 – Scipts Folder containing 7 .JS files
1 – Skins Folder containing 1 Overlay Folder with 2 files
1 – config .XML file
1 – embed .CSS file
1 – First Frame .PNG file
1 – Thumbnails .PNG file

Everything required to get your video on your website or necessary for other uses.

Don’t delay! Order NOW! 


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